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the orchards

The original purpose of apple growing on Hush Heath Estate was to produce fruit for eating, meaning that the most flavoursome and characterful Kentish apples were planted; Cox, Bramley, and Egremont Russet. At one time, our apples were harvested and sold in one of London’s most famous Food Halls for just that purpose.

Today, Hush Heath has 20 acres of Kentish apple orchards, the first of which was planted over thirty years ago. Each tree is pruned into the traditional pinwheel shape which allows pickers to get deep into the branches and hand harvest fruit. The orchards are also traditionally pollinated by bees that we keep nearby.

When Richard and Leslie's son, Jake, was born just over 20 years ago, they planted a tree on a hillside which overlooks the orchards on Hush Heath Estate. The tree became known as Jake's Tree and a strong connection was formed between Jake, our second generation producer, and the apple orchards. Today, Hush Heath’s winemakers produce a range of ciders, named after Jake, which are unique in vinous structure, clean character, and pure appeal.

Our apple juices are named after Jake’s older brother, Luke. Luke’s Tree Apple Juice is a 100% pure apple juice made from hand-picked, cold stored fruit, blended masterfully for maximum flavour and freshness. It remains one of our most popular products.

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