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Hush Heath Estate Since 1503

Jake; the youngest son of our Producers, is the brainchild behind this Beer and Cider range.

Inheriting his parent's flair for producing, he continues to innovate, from craft speciality brews such as Jake’s Saffron Beer, to easy drinkers such as Jake’s IPA. The cider owes much of its character and flavour to our historic apple orchards.

Jake’s is a collection of craft beers and ciders from the winemakers at Hush Heath Estate

As with our wines, the beers and ciders are made with the same skill and pioneering spirit. They combine the best local ingredients, a winemakers’ touch and a vision for producing drinks of elegance and balance. Most importantly, we make what we love to drink.

All our ciders are made with 100% juice from the Kentish dessert apples Russet, Cox and Bramley. Grown on the Estate’s orchards, each variety is fermented separately, then blended by our winemakers to form our signature wine-like character; clean, crisp and bursting with Kentish fruit flavours. Our Jake’s Orchard Cider was awarded 2020 Supreme Champion at the International Cider Challenge.

Jake’s beers draw on Kent’s heritage for growing the finest hops, reviving forgotten varieties and combining them with modern hybrids to create beers with a clearly defined personality. Complex yet balanced, each beer is an individual, authentic expression of terroir, ingredients and the art of brewing.

Saffron in beer is a new one to us but this is still an interesting drink...the saffron flavour is just pronounced enough to make it stand out but not knock you over. Certainly one for saffron lovers!

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The Orchards

Dedicated to the Finest Flavours

Orchards stood long before vines at Hush Heath Estate in 2002. Apples grown on the Estate comprise Cox, which gives our ciders and pure apple juice flavour, Egremont Russet, which provides body, and Bramley, the crisp acidity.

Today, Hush Heath has 20 acres of Kentish apple orchards, traditionally pollinated by our growing bee population. Apart from pollinating our apple trees, our bees help us to make our own Hush Heath honey.


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