COVID-19 Protocols

Cleaning & PPE

– Please note as per Government Guidance it is now mandatory for face coverings to be worn when entering the building until you are seated. Staff will also be wearing face coverings at all times.

– All surfaces which are accessible to staff and customers will be sanitised every hour. The frequency will be increased depending on customer numbers.

– All external doors will be kept open when weather permits, in the event of closure door handles will be sanitised every 30 minutes.

– The toilets will be cleaned every 30 minutes and the frequency will be increased dependent on usage.

– A toilet cleaning rota will be in use, showing times cleaned and who cleaned them.

– Staff will wash hands every 30 minutes with soap and water, however disposable gloves will be worn when carrying out cleaning duties.



– Outside the entrance to the shop we will show our safety procedure protocol, on a board which will be visible to all visitors, this will also be shown as a separate page on our website and clearly accessible. Staff will encourage social distancing at all times throughout all aspects of the winery’s operation namely the tasting room, the exterior terraces and vineyard walks. As part of this process numbers visiting the tasting room will be managed via a designated staff member on the welcome desk to ensure safe social distancing.


– All customers will enter via our welcome desk and be encouraged to sanitise their hands. Hand sanitising stations will be clearly signposted throughout the shop, terrace areas and outside the front entrance of the winery shop.

– There are to be no groups any larger than 6 people meeting at the Winery or Estate as per Government Guidance.


– Each customer will be required to give their email address and telephone numbers on arrival, this information will be provided to the government “track and trace” initiative should it be requested. The data will only be held for 21 days unless you consent to your details being added to our database. We also display the Track and Trace QR code at several locations around the building.



– Payments will be card and contactless only. The card machine will be placed on the sales payment stations, safely distanced from the till point and member of staff. All card machines will be sanitised after each use.


– A designated route will be created in order that all customers enter via the winery shop entrance and at this point are greeted by a designated member of staff at our welcome desk.


– Click and collect orders will be placed at the front entrance of the winery shop under our exterior undercover area. Each order will have clear, printed information of the customer’s name, product etc. Customer pre orders will have an agreed pick up time.


– Signage will advise customers to remain 1m + apart at all times and clear floor signage for social distancing will be displayed throughout the shop and tasting room.


Food and beverage service


– As per government guidelines, there is table service only, the bar is not accessible to customers. Please seat yourselves on a table of your choice where our staff will look after you.


– Staff will wash and sanitise their hands prior to handling clean glassware and immediately after handling dirty glassware.


– A trained staff member will collect, sanitise and clean in our high temperature dish washer. Staff will wash and sanitise their hands prior to handling clean cutlery and plates and immediately after handling dirty plates and cutlery.

– Within the tasting room, Marquee and on our terrace we will be able to accommodate groups of no more than 6 people, at the same table, and will require guests to be seated.


Guided Tours

Guided tours comprise three aspects, a 60 minute educational walk around the vineyards, apple orchards and ancient oak woodlands on our 400-acre estate. Secondly learning about winemaking which will be shown as a short film, and finally a tutored tasting. All guided tours have their own private designated first floor internal tasting area with private external terrace. Strict social distancing will be maintained throughout the Estate walk and family groupings will be given their own private table appropriately distanced from other family groups. Our first-floor internal tasting room and external terrace is a substantial area with a considerable amount of tables thus facilitating social distancing. No other members of the public will be allowed in this area during a private tour.


– Tours will be timed in order to ensure that they do not overlap.


– Guided tours will comprise of a maximum of 10 family groupings (of no more than 24 people in total) thus allowing ease of social distancing.


– No members of the public will be allowed to enter the winery production area.


All these guidelines will be reviewed on a regular basis and amended to reflect both changing government guidelines and common-sense safety practices.

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